Genomics of Syphilis Epidemics

In 2012 I became fascinated by the little cork-screw-shaped bacterium that causes syphilis, a mysterious sexually transmitted infection riddled by questions. Harnessing the power of genomics, my collaborators and I are looking at the similarities and differences of strains around the globe. View my TEDxZurich talk for more information.


Swiss Population Genetics

Switzerland comprises numerous populations in valleys speaking different languages and dialects, and separated by geographical barriers. To explore the genetic diversity characterising these populations, our research team is currently delineating new and exciting projects. More information will be available soon at our university website.

Microbiome Forensics

Stains found at crime scenes can provide critical information for the reconstruction of crime events. For instance, whether the stain corresponds to saliva, semen or vaginal fluid, among others, can aid the investigation of the crime activities. Thus, establishing the bodily source of a stain is highly valuable. In the last decade, research on the microbiome has shown that different sites in the human body contain specific microbial signatures, comprising microbial communities that are distinct. We are developing methods that exploit these microbial signatures in order to determine the body fluid/tissue of a stain.